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Community Discussions

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Importance of Pets LINK Law Costs Risks_
Importance of Pets LINK Law Costs Risks_
Importance of Pets LINK Law Costs Risks_

Georgia's animal rescuers, fosters, adopters, animal control officers, animal shelter personnel, networkers and volunteers of all kinds are so busy saving Georgia's animals from euthanasia and cruelty that they have no time to prepare for and meet with decisionmakers who have the power to change policies, rules, ordinances, laws, funding and programs that would have a permanent positive effect on this crisis.  For this reason, GCAA tries to provide materials that are already prepared and ready to use or close to it, for free, and with a click of the mouse.  The documents below come from us, the National Link Coalition, The National Sheriff's Association as well as the Dept. of Justice.  Clicking on each will bring you to the appropriate website.


You need only ask if you don't see what you're looking for here.  The documents on this page come under one of three categories:

       Community Awareness of Pet Overpopulation Problem

       The Link between Animal Cruelty and other crimes

       Companion Animal Law Enforcement


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The Link

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Free Resources for Advocates

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Set of twenty cute baby puppies isolated
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