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Georgia State Legislative Advocacy

If you are interested in improving things for companion animals in Georgia, one of the best things you can do is get to know your state representatives and state senator, educate them on the homeless pet overpopulation crisis and let them know it matters to you.  If you do,


  1. Don't assume your legislators know what you know.  Give them information and be kind and courteous and let them know you'd like a chance to give them your input.

  2. Write, print, sign and mail a letter to each one.  Emails are too easily passed over and/or deleted.  Written letters that show effort and time spent on your part communicate importance and demand their attention.

  3. Call them after a week and follow up.  Make sure they have read your letter and know your name.   

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  • to find out who your state legislators are

  • to find bills introduced or passed in current or past sessions

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  • to find out who is in office or who is running for office

  • get information on what the issues are in Georgia for both state and local elected offices

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Georgia Companion Animal Coalition,
a 501C4 corporation


Georgia's official General Assembly website provides legislator names and contact info, committees and their assigned members, the legislative calendar for the current session and the status of bills:

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