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Since Georgia still allows dog owners to tether and/or chain their dogs in some counties, we've compiled what we feel is some of the best tether restriction and tether ban language across the state  

Keep in mind, ordinances are not a "one size fits all" situation.  Different cities and counties have different situations.  Choose the simplest and most enforceable language that addresses the issues your Animal Control Officers get the most calls on.  Most dogs on chains die of neglect and inadequate care /attention due to elements or sickness, so focus on humane care requirements, not the tether mechanisms so much.  Give your ACs precise rules that they can cite with and/or impound dogs in need with.  You can talk to the District Attorney and Judge of the court that prosecute ordinance violations and ask them what would strengthen the local animal ordinance.

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If you are going to add Tether Restrictions to your local animal ordinance, make sure you add humane care requirements that include shelter, veterinary care and space to address all outdoor dogs in addition to tethered dogs. 

See below:

Links to Tether Sections of Actual ordinances

Humane Care List download here & Tether Restrictions list download here

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Georgia's Animal Ordinances

page includes a Summary that will tell you which counties have tether bans and tether restrictions. 

HUMANE CARE of Outdoor Dogs

  • All dogs , whether indoor or outdoor, must receive adequate veterinary care.  (Definition of Necessary Veterinary Care = medical care of an animal from or under the direction of a licensed veterinarian and necessary to maintain the health of an animal based on the age, species, breed, etc., of the animal, or to prevent an animal from suffering from:  


              Ongoing bacterial or viral infections;    

              Infestation of parasites;    

              Disease; or    

              Any other medical condition/injury where neglecting to provide such veterinary care would                       further endanger the health or welfare of the animal or promote the spread of                                         communicable diseases. 

  • Any housing or enclosure used for the keeping of animals or fowl shall be well drained, cleaned daily of animal excrement and free of objectionable odors and otherwise clean and sanitary.  Animal excrement shall be disposed of in a manner approved by the XXXXXX Health Department.​

  • Each dog enclosed exclusively outside of a residence shall have a minimum of 100 square feet of space.

  • Each dog must be provided with a dog house that is of sufficient size for the dog to be able to stand up and move around, must have a floor that is elevated off the ground, with at least three sides and a roof that keeps moisture and wind out.  Dog house must be filled with straw bedding to allow animal to warm itself in cold temperatures.

  • The dog must have access to clean unfrozen drinkable water 24/7 and provided sufficient nutritious food not less than once per day.

  • The dog's enclosure must provide it with shade and protection from heat stroke in the way of ventilation and change of air during warm temperatures.

  • During inclement weather, times of Heat Advisories or weather advisories such as hurricanes and tornadoes, animals are to be brought indoors.

  • Dogs must be provided exercise and socialization on a daily basis to prevent any dog from becoming aggressive and unapproachable.

  •  The area where the dog is living must be free from infestations of flies, rodents and other pests.


*For tethered dogs, see also TETHER RESTRICTONS below.



It is unlawful to tether a dog, except when all of the following conditions are met:


  •  The dog is at least six months of age.

  •  The dog is not sick or injured.

  •  The dog is spayed or neutered.

  •  The tethered dog must be visible to the owner from his/her residence;

  •  Single point tethering is prohibited; Tethering a dog by a trolley system is the only approved form of tether; 

  •  The trolley system must be at least ten feet in length and mounted no more than seven feet above the ground level;

  •  Tether must be at least 15 feet in length or five times the length of the dog, whichever is longer;


  • Tethers must be made of a substance which cannot be chewed by the dog, shall not weigh more than 1/8 of the body weight of the dog, and shall have a swivel on each end.

  •  Cables and devices used must be adequately matched to the strength and size of the dog to prevent breaking.

  •  Only one dog may be attached to each trolley system;

  •  Each tethered dog must have access to its own shelter, adequate food, water, and shade at all times.

  •  The area in which the dog is confined is free of garbage, fecal matter, or other debris or materials that could cause harm to the dog.

  •  Tether connected to the dog by a collar must not be a pinch or pronged collar, and  of sufficient size to adequately restrain the dog without embedding the collar in the dog's neck or impairing the dog's ability to breathe.

  •  The animal is not outside during extreme weather, including, but not limited to, extreme heat or near freezing temperatures, or storms; nor during any declared weather advisories, warnings or emergencies.

  • No dog may be attached to a running cable line or trolley system for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period;

  • No dog may be attached to a running cable line or trolley system between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.;

  • The dog shall not be tethered in any area where the tether or dog can become entangled on the tether; or some other object; or reach fences objects or animals or extending over an object or an edge that could result in injury or strangulation of the animal.

  •  Tether shall provide a dog the ability to defecate or urinate in an area separate from the area where it must eat, drink, or lie down.

  •  Attaching weights of any kind at any time to a tethered dog is prohibited.

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