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Working on dog and horse issues the last 8 years in Georgia we felt we needed to engage a professional team to lobby for positive changes in statewide public policy surrounding our dogs, horses and cats.   Our 501C4 is in process and will be named:

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Georgia Companion Animal Coalition

We have engaged the professional lobby firm, Cornerstone Group, to advise and assist us in our efforts. 

2024 Georgia Responsible Pet Owner Initiative


Our first legislative effort will be to ask the Georgia State decisionmakers for the funds to build a program designed to start to stem the tide of animals coming into Georgia's Animal Shelters at breakneck speed.


Please share this with your state lawmakers and ask for their support.  As a constituent, you are far more likely to get their support than any political group because you are voters in their district.  That's why it is critical that Georgia's animal lovers reach out personally with phone calls and/or emails to their state senators and representatives.    












Look up your state senator and state representative by entering your address here:

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Lawmaker One-Pager

Georgia's Public Safety Risks from Homeless Pet Overpopulation

Full Presentation of GA Homeless Pet Crisis Initiative

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Example - Lawmaker Email Text


Program consisting of 3 components built by Georgia's own animal services agencies and non-profits that target some of the reasons why Georgia's cats and dogs end up in shelters:


  1. Statewide Public Service Messaging Campaign

  2. Statewide Free Pet Education Website

  3. Statewide Low Cost/No Cost Pet Owner Resources Database

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Please fill out this questionnaire to indicate your support and level of interest in the Georgia Responsible Pet Owner Program:

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