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We formed Georgia Companion Animal Coalition, Inc. as a 501C4 in 2023 so that we could hire a professional lobbyist team to help us fight for positive changes for Georgia's companion animals.

Our very first legislative effort has been a success.  The Georgia State Assembly has agreed to fund our "Georgia Responsible Pet Owners Initiative" starting FYE 2025.

The Georgia Responsible Pet Owner Initiative

consists of 3 components built by Georgia's own animal services agencies and non-profits to target some of the reasons why Georgia's cats and dogs end up in shelters through:


  1. A Statewide Public Service Messaging Campaign,

  2. A Statewide Free Pet Education Website, and

  3. A Statewide Low Cost/No Cost Pet Owner Resources Database

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If you would like to contribute to this effort or future efforts that will improve the lives of Georgia's pets, please click here:



Even $5 a month or a small one time donation helps.  We have big plans! We hope you will join us.

If your Animal Control Agency or Animal Shelter would like to create videos or other materials for the Public Service Message Campaign or the Pet Education Website, please fill out the form below.  The only requirement is that you are located in the state of Georgia.

Full Presentation of GA Responsible Pet Owners Initiative:

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Georgia's Public Safety Risks from Homeless Pet Overpopulation:

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