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Initiatives and Projects To Date

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  • Anti-Cruelty billboards

  • We maintain a Facebook page  that provides useful information to the Georgia companion animal community stakeholders

  • We started a data sharing alliance across Georgia’s non profits and municipal agencies

  • We compiled euthanasia and intake totals for the state of Georgia for  2015 through 2018 

  • We compiled and a maintain a statewide list of animal ordinances to identify best practices for communities looking to improve their own

  • We prepared a comparison of animal services software that can assist Georgia's humane agencies in choosing the best one. 

  • We formed a partnership to prepare humane education curriculum for Georgia's schools

  • We sponsor memberships to Justice Clearinghouse for interested animal control officers

  • We support community outreach through cash donations and donations of materials such as dog houses, kennel decks and other supplies

  • We support local community advocates trying to change Animal Control ordinances and/or policies and procedures with meeting materials

  • We supply educational materials to state legislators on the implications of growing horseracing in Georgia

  • We supply educational materials to state and local officials on pet overpopulation, its effects on public safety and its financial costs to the state of Georgia

  • We were a Silver Sponsor of the 2020 APAW Expo

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