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Georgia Companion Animal Advocacy (GCAA)

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is a IRS 501C3 non-profit corporation. Our mission is to reduce companion animal homelessness, cruelty & neglect across Georgia by providing research and educational tools to animal advocates, decision makers, & the general public.

Georgia Companion Animal Coalition, Inc. (GCAC) is a pending 501C4 non-profit corporation, formed to lobby for positive change for pets at the local and state level.

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 We support  individuals, agencies, organizations or groups that share the same goal of reducing the suffering, neglect, and unnecessary death of Georgia's unwanted companion animals, primarily dogs and horses,  in any way we can.  


If you are an advocate or just an individual wanting to learn more, this website contains resources that you can download, print, and edit for your own purposes.  You can also donate, volunteer, or sign up to be part of a broader coalition.


We believe fixing Georgia’s pet overpopulation problem requires a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Better animal law enforcement through training and education of ACOs and law enforcement on “the Link”* and state animal cruelty statutes,

  2. Increased access to low cost spay/neuter and veterinary services for low income and rural communities,

  3. Removal of breeding loopholes in Georgia’s state pet dealer statutes,

  4. Humane education of Georgia’s young people,

  5. Local ordinances that are easily enforced, ban tethering/chaining of dogs, and encourage spay/neuter, and

  6. Increased access to resources such as food and supplies for owners who want to keep their pets out of shelters but are experiencing financial difficulties.

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Georgia State Senate Primary June 2020 R
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